Creating Memories

On occasion, I have the super awesome privilege of working with other families, kids, babies, models, and teens. Sometimes, the ideas for the shoot and the location is chosen by me; other times, someone comes up with their own concept. Either way, it's always fun and exciting to see a vision come to reality! I love talking to other people and creating something amazing. I suppose that comes out of being bored easily and always needing a project.

Anyway, this family was just awesome. The mother of these beautiful children is a wonderful cosmetologist. She had a beautiful vision of her family for this photoshoot. A creative person like myself, she knew exactly what she wanted. She gathered the outfits for herself, her husband, and her amazing children. She had me create the headbands/hair pieces for herself and her daughters. Over the series of weeks leading up to the shoot, we'd text back and forth about what outfits the boys should wear and what clothes we could incorporate from their existing wardrobe.

Finally, the day of the shoot came. I was worried that the weather would not cooperate (this shoot took place in January) or that there would not be enough light to work with due to the cloud cover. We started at about 3 in the afternoon, and it was perfect. It was unseasonably warm outside and the clouds broke up ever so slightly. I had gone out ahead of time to get ideas on location for the shoot. Considering the position of the sun and logistics of walking long distances in stilettos (the mom, not me), we decided upon a little public garden for the shoot. The family arrived and took my breath away. The mother did all of the makeup and hair for herself and her daughters. The men looked dapper, suave, and edgy all at the same time. The girls were classic and chic.

Truthfully, this family was a dream to work with. They were funny and off-beat. They each had their own very unique style and way of carrying themselves. Some didn't mind the camera; others would have rather been anywhere else. At least at first. Ten minutes in, they all relaxed. We laughed and talked together and had an absolute blast.

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