Merging Interests

The Eastern Shore has many amazing amenities. So when the mother of this high-school Senior expressed an interest in capturing some portraits of her son on their water-front property, I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Complete with a boat dock, tall grasses, old and twisting pine tress, amazing sunset views...this property had it all. It epitomized the Eastern Shore ideal. Then, I met her son, David. Tall, handsome, easy-going... So after talking to one another for a few minutes, I realized that his strong sense-of-self needed to be translated to the images. The images needed to capture not only his life on the Eastern Shore, but who he is as a person and how his interests reflect his personality. Thus, we worked together not only to teach me more about his many talents, but how his discipline and strength in learning martial arts merges with his easy-going, Eastern Shore nature. I wish him luck in his future endeavors; he is going to do incredible things in this world.

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