Remembering Love

It's taken me a while to write about this particular family and this particular photography session. I had known GayeAnn for a couple of years. When I first met her, she hired me to capture Christmas-themed images of her and her grandchildren. We had a fantastic time together, and it was such a joy to see how much she loved to just play and make those kids laugh. GayeAnn's own kids approached me this past year to invest in a gift certificate for GayeAnn so that we could do it all again. Time passed, and eventually GayeAnn contacted me about the session. After speaking a few times, I realized that this was going to be very different.

There was an urgency about scheduling this session.

GayeAnn had been diagnosed with brain cancer. She was getting sick. Quickly.

As I sit and write this, all of the same emotions are flooding back. I knew this family wanted to capture and remember the kind of love they have for one another and the happiness they felt when they were with each other and with GayeAnn. They wanted to remember her face and her love and her joy for life. They wanted to remember her love of the holiday season and of the sense of togetherness that you can only get from family. So this session was dedicated to all of that. A few short weeks later, GayeAnnleft this life. But she will be remembered for the vibrant and exuberant person she was and live on in the life and love of her family forever.

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