Stars Align

Oh did the stars ever align for this photo session! It's easy to have time get away and feel as though you are not prepared enough for a photography session. For example, it's so often that doing something as simple as a photo session seems like a much bigger endeavor than we plan. For example, picking outfits can be so complicated. I even find myself doing this...rethinking what I've chosen, do the colors and patterns go together, when on Earth will I find the time to go to the store and pick out pieces that go with what we already have...

Here's my tip. Find an outfit for yourself, from your closet, and build around it. Pick something you know you look fabulous in, something that compliments what you like about yourself. After that, build everyone else around it. Your significant other will always have at least a pair of decent jeans or pants and a neutral sweater or top. Kids' clothes are always easier to find than clothes for adults, and easier to shop for. I mean, really....Don't you always find yourself shopping for your kids rather than finding things for yourself? I always like finding as many pieces as possible that I already own. I love mixing color and pattern. When it comes down to it, outfits need to coordinate, but definitely not match. Mix that floral print with some stripes or plaid. Who cares if you have pink and red next to each other in the photo. Don't stick a kid who is annoyed by dresses in a dress. If she's anything like my daughter, she doesn't even own a dress. You want to coordinate, but make everyone reflective of themselves. After all, a photograph is a depiction of that person or that family exactly as they were at that moment in time.

So that's what we did. The same day as this session, this momma calls and says she's not ready. Nothing fits. She has no idea what to wear. So we build around her own pieces. She was inspired by her gorgeous blouse (seriously, it's stunning) and red coat. We built everything else around that. Later that day, when the sun was shining so beautifully and the weather was divine, we were all so happy that we stuck to the plan. See, there is no time like the present. Things won't ever be perfect. They never are, and we can't control that. However, what we can control is just being present with each other, even if it is just for an hour in perfect golden light.

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