Find the Space

Sometimes, photos can feel awkward. You don't know where to look or what to do. You're sure it's not going to come out like you're picturing in your head. Find that space within yourself to live in the moment. In that moment, feel inspired by what you see around you. Think about the people in your life that motivate you. In that moment, realize that judgement is something you place upon yourself rather than a reflection of who you are. In that moment, recognize that the light is on point, and, although it's cold outside, it's not unbearable. Ok, maybe it's a little on the finger-numbing side of cold. But the light fades fast this time of year. Beginning to end, maybe 45 minutes of great light. And it's the light, along with the quietness of the forest and the thoughtful subject, that make these photos some of my favorites.

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