Creating Time

This sweet family decided, the day before their move, to capture the love and life they shared in their beautiful Eastern Shore home. Even amidst the packing and coordinating of movers, these wonderful souls took a pause and spent just a little over an hour playing together. It makes my heart sing when I can capture something so meaningful for a family and do it in such a way that allows the family to connect with one another, let loose, play and explore. I feel that there are so many times in our lives where we forget to do just that. When dinner needs to be made or the house is a wreck (which it always is) and there are bills to be paid or whatever. And I know and appreciate that when a family wants to spend an hour with me and a camera, that hour is precious. It's precious because there are so many other things that need to be done. So many other things that can easily take priority. I feel this so much in my own life. It's a constant struggle between what needs to be done and carving out time for what I know is important, which is just creating the time to connect. There will always be something that seems like it is far more of a priority. That may be my biggest struggle as a parent. I could go off on about a thousand other tangents from here, interject some sage therapist-inspired wisdom about balance and so on. But I'm human, and you've likely heard it all before.

Let's get back to the session, shall we? These twins were so full of energy. I knew from the outset that the smile and pose was out of the question, which was fabulous. We dug in the rocks, drew with chalk, tore apart magnolia blossoms (the smile in that picture was a response to me asking if there was dog poop inside the flowers!), and played silly games. These two girls loved all jokes that involved poop, so the smiles are all natural! More importantly, we spent that hour of fading sunlight just playing and enjoying everything that this family loved about their home and their life here on the Shore.

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