Golden Fall

This momma wanted to fulfill her dream of having a fall maternity session. Her other two kiddos were summer babies, so this was her chance! The problem? All of the trees had already lost most of their leaves! How were we going to get that fall look with bare trees??

This is where light is important.

On the day of the session, we lucked out. The light was looking like it was going to be perfect. The location of the session made it even better. This location is so special to the family, so it was fitting that it be the place that we would be taking photographs. The tall grasses filtered the light and gave it that perfect fall look.

It makes me so happy that this momma got everything she wanted out of this session. Her kiddos had a great time too...we laughed, collected sticks, threw leaves....and maybe bribed them with candy once or twice (Shhhh I won't tell if you won't).

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