Being Brave

Sometimes photography sessions serve more than one purpose. In this particular case, the session was not only about updating the "family photo," but was also about helping a young girl overcome an overwhelming fear of cameras. This was one BRAVE soul! With a background in anxiety treatment, working with small children, and art therapy, I decided to treat this session more like therapy (even though we were really there for the photography). We worked slowly, exploring cameras of all types, the noises they made, the way they felt different, and the kinds of pictures they could take. We took turns on either side of the camera, going at a pace decided by the kids. We paired the camera with favorite and preferred activities, turning around the camera to look at how high we could jump or fly through the air or splash the water. One photography session later, this sweet soul was finding my lens, grinning broadly, and, more importantly, relaxing and enjoying the process.

And I could not be more proud of her.

Thank you for being brave with me.

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