Go with the Flow

It's really difficult to stop ourselves from overthinking things. We get caught up in worrying about the kids being well-behaved, the outfits being effortlessly put-together, etc.

In getting ready for this session, my biggest concern was the light. The original day we picked for the session was calling for a lot of cloud cover and rain. Not ideal. So I called up this family and asked what they thought about moving the session up a within the next 36 hours. The forecast was supposed to be perfect.

After a moment's hesitation, they were on board. While no kids are ever "perfect" for photos, these kids let their personalities shine in a way that I love. Each face and movement was not was 100% a part of who they are as people. We laughed, played a TON of games, and discovered that there isn't much these kids wouldn't do for M&Ms.

At the end of the session, the parents expressed their gratitude that the session was moved up because it didn't give them the time to stress about all of the details and the planning. They went with their instincts and made quick decisions, and were that much more relaxed and comfortable because of it.

I'm grateful for flexible clients who rearrange everything for great weather ;)

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