Just Be Together

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

These days, finding time that the family can get together can be challenging. Especially when your once little kids are growing up and growing into their new lives. This family got together to celebrate and capture memories as youngest enters the last year of high school and the oldest enters the last year of undergraduate school. While the family home provided an ideal backdrop, complete with a myriad of fruit trees and some adorable furry friends, my heart stopped when we changed locations to a small local secret.

Truth be told, I had no idea what the family's choice of second location was going to be like. Additionally, I was nervous because the weather was calling for cloud cover and the potential of rain. There are times, though, when a location just speaks to a family because it is one of their favorite spots to just be...So we went for it.

And was I surprised...Combine the persistent burst of golden light, the reflection off the river, the moody forest, and the branches dripping with green?

It was a slice of heaven...which was made even more blissful by a family who is so genuinely happy to just be together.

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