Totally Two

Two-year-olds are utterly unpredictable.

That's OK.

I promise.

This sweet family wanted to capture this joyful, unpredictable, and vibrant age with their sweet daughter. Right around her second birthday, we lucked out with an unseasonably warm evening, full of gorgeous light. We wandered, led by a vivacious toddler (or are they children at that age?). She was intent on going where she wanted, when she pleased.

It was perfect.

Kids aren't meant to sit in a photo studio. They're meant to get up, to move, to explore, to have fun. It's OK if they don't want to be picked up or cuddled. It's OK if they would rather search for bunnies or play in the park. It's OK if they don't want to look at the camera. Capturing who they are, who they REALLY are, is more important.

Those are the memories you will cherish.

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